When it will come straight from your bladder it is actually absolutely free from microbes, Except the individual suffers from an urinary tract infection. It has drinking water, urea, numerous types of dissolved salts, numerous substances with hormonal effects and enzymes. The composition on the urine can make therapeutic consequences seem feasible.

There exists however small stringent scientific documentation concerning this substance used as being a drug. The following info is thus presented with none definite tips nor any definite warning from trying this technique, other than that it shouldn't replace other kinds of therapies for major disease that have a documented result.


You can find promises from proponents this therapy can help for practically any Persistent ailment system Which urine successfully prevents and drives back again infections. You can also find sturdy promises that it can assist reverse getting old signals and assistance mend damages brought on by degenerative disorders of pretty much any variety.

The full extent of those promises are likely exaggerated, but they may be summed up in this way: Urine might enable the immune procedure to operate much more properly and it'd stimulate the overall repair mechanisms in the human body to work far better. Such basic outcomes will of resource be beneficial by a lot of kinds of health problems.

Since some normal therapists claim the substance can assist in opposition to nearly any disorder, equally trivial and serious, a complete list of the purposes of urine is going to be not possible to help make in a short space. Allow me to share having said that some concrete makes use of mentioned:

It is an efficient solution to clean the oral cavity as well as teeth, most likely much better than several tooth pastes, and it is totally free of charge. This outcome is well documented, but some may obtain it distasteful to utilize urine as a means for oral hygiene. It is also claimed to get a fantastic solution in opposition to sores and bacterial infections while in the oral cavity.

Some individuals find that urine taken orally presents a stimulating result bodily and psychologically that helps them to manage from the every day wrestle at operate and in the home. Some also uncover urine being sexually stimulating. Early morning urine voided before sunrise might nevertheless provide a tranquilizing result upon worry and restlessness, which might make meditation along with other yoga procedures more effective. These effects might also be useful for cure of nervous challenges.

Some therapists claim that orally taken urine step by step cures diabetic issues or helps make the affliction fewer significant. When utilizing the therapy for this reason it is crucial to measure the blood sugar stage cautiously and progressively lessen the dose of insulin In the event the therapy functions, but not in advance of one particular sees that it works by dropping blood sugar concentrations.

Drinking urine might help in opposition to problems within the reproductive procedure, like PMS, menstrual difficulties and issues with getting Expecting. In these instances male and spouse are encouraged to consume Every single Other people urine.

Urine utilized orally could assist to wash the digestive program from stuffed wastes and reduce signs or symptoms like constipation, bloating and cramps. Ingesting It is usually claimed that can help from impairment while in the kidney operate and signs and symptoms brought on by kidney failure, like edema.

Urine made use of on the pores and skin could help from sores, itching, rashes of assorted sort and signs and symptoms of aging. It is additionally claimed for being an excellent cure against precisely the same difficulties from the eyes and ears when utilized at the website or employed for a flushing fluid. The material is likewise claimed for being a fantastic antiseptic remedy to utilize on sores and around the pores and skin.

Urine made use of on overall body parts could possibly enable from numbness and neurological impairments in these spots. Some claim urine can reduce or heal far more extreme neurological problems like paralysis and cerebral palsy when utilised on intensive physique locations and at the same time taken orally.

Urine used on body locations troubled by arthritis and other rheumatic ailment could possibly alleviate the ache and stiffness due to these circumstances, which could be combined with urine taken orally to provide complete help from website rheumatism.

When utilized on to the scalp it truly is utilised towards hair loss. Aged urine is claimed to be finest, and often it is actually blended with other components that promote hair growth.

Sniffing some urine in the nose or flushing the nose with urine might aid for infections and allergic reactions from the upper respiratory organs As well as in the head.

By not enough another fluid to drink, a person may save oneself from dying of thirst by consuming all of ones individual urine, but a single ought to start drinking it a quickly as The dearth of fluid starts for this advice to become productive.

The best way to ADMINISTER URINE As being a MEDICINE

The tips for realistic utilization of urine for a drug vary noticeably among proponents and therapists, Specifically regarding the doses. They're nevertheless some common tips:

Normally a person is advised to utilize a person's own urine. Therapists commonly suggest working with the center Component of the initial urine stream you void each morning, and soon after possessing washed the genitals. Some choose to Allow it remain some days inside of a sealed box at a chilly dim area prior to use Together with the claim that it will get more effective then.

Therapists advocating urine therapy will usually advise a Particular different types of food plan to generate the heal productive and to avoid lousy flavor and smell through the urine. Since many of these therapists get the job done in an Indian yoga tradition the diet program advices might be somewhat rigorous. The advices also appear contradictory because they forbid particular kinds of foods that may be therapeutic from the exact same health conditions the urine therapy is designed to address, and also the adherence towards the advices may give specified issues because of deficit of nutrients.

What is usually recommended by these therapists is actually a organic diet program with minimal of no animal foods, salt, oil and spices. It might be not wellbeing for individuals residing an active western Life style to adhere strictly to these advices, but Take into account that they might tutorial your diet plan to some extent.

Your food plan need to needless to say be natural and you must stay away from eating much beef, but most people ought to take in fish and seafood. Consuming terrific quantities of oil and Unwanted fat is not excellent, but you ought to have some organic oil inside your eating plan. People frequently eat excessive salt, but in warm weather and by exertions you need some added salt. Spices make the food stuff tasty and several types of spices may also encourage therapeutic. You'll want to however not consume so excellent quantity of any spice that you feel it irritates.

A method of making use of urine should be to consume it. The oral administration of urine is usually recommended by health conditions in all human body areas. Just one drinks it on vacant abdomen for getting finest influence. One particular only normally takes 5-ten drops 2 times each day in the beginning. Inside of a month just one improves the dose approximately 2 deciliters (0.eighty four US cup) 2 times each day.

When applying only tiny doses, these really should be held for a while beneath the tongue just before swallowing it. By more substantial doses you'll want to flush Every single sip all-around within the mouth right before swallowing. Some proponents also information to consume urine each second week and pause each and every 2nd 7 days any time you make use of the maximal day by day doses.

An additional utilization strategy will be to therapeutic massage the urine onto areas of the pores and skin where by there is some pores and skin ailment, then Enable dry and wait some hours just before washing it absent. 1 might also implement packings moist in urine on the pores and skin for some hours. This method is claimed for being efficient for therapy of most skin difficulties. If you massage larger entire body parts While using the material, you could possibly get a similar common Gains as by drinking it.

For complications inside the nose and higher respiratory organs, one can sniff some drops of urine into the nose, or flush the nose with it. This process is claimed also to influence the whole body beneficially.

For problems while in the oral cavity and also the tooth you'll be able to basically flush your mouth Using the urine and brush the tooth with the brush dipped in it. This tends to not surprisingly be coupled with consuming it.

Urine is don't just utilized to take care of disorders, but proponents also endorse working with urine as a regular cure to prevent ailment, strengthen fitness and stay clear of ageing troubles. Utilized in this manner the common day by day dose should be less than that used to remedy a specific condition, Probably a person glass per day.

Feasible Unwanted side effects

Side effects from urine therapy will not be nicely investigated, the same as therapeutic consequences.

Many of us will discover the compound distasteful which sensual or psychological result may cause nausea and tendencies to throw up just after having ingested a dose, even so the impact often go away immediately after some time. The result is more dependent on schooling and lifestyle which the Actual physical style and impact of urine.

Individuals getting substantial doses on a daily basis for many time period report feeling sleepy and worn out following a while, however it is claimed this facet effect will go away by ongoing use. By pausing Just about every second week, it will most likely be avoided.

You will find warnings from working with urine therapy along with pharmaceutical medicine, because the put together consequences may cause complications. If you are taking other medicine you must at the very least be careful when starting urine therapy and provides act about any symptoms of Unwanted effects.

Using a lot more than about half a liter every single day might disturb the electrolytic harmony in the human body, considering the fact that urine consists of surplus salt not essential you recirculate to some extent by ingesting urine. In particular people with heart complications or superior hypertension need to be cautious about higher doses.

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